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HR | MCQ QUIZ 1 | MCQ 1 To 5


MCQ.1. The protection of human rights act in India was enacted in the year
A.    1993
B.    1994
C.    1995
D.    1996
MCQ.2. Helsinki declaration 1964 is concerned with……………
A.    War prevention
B.    Human experimentation
C.    Gender discrimination
D.    Child abuse
MCQ.3. Who introduced the concept of 3rd generation human right
A.    Tullius Cesero
B.    Jeremy Bentham
C.    John Finnis
D.    Karel Vasak
MCQ.4. Which one of the following is not a UN agency
C.    WTO
D.    ILO
MCQ.5. Which article of the third Geneva convention of 1949 defines the prisoners of war
A.    Article 1
B.    Article 2
C.    Article 3
D.    Article 4


HR | MCQ QUIZ 1 | MCQ 5 To 10
MCQ.6. The international criminal court ICC review conference 2010 held at ……..
A.    Paris
B.    Kampala
C.    The Hague
D.    Rio de Janeiro
MCQ.7. The universal declaration of human rights was adopted on………
A.    1st December 1948
B.    10th December 1948
C.    11th December 1948
D.    31st December 1948
MCQ.8. Who coined the term ‘Genocide’
A.    Raphael lempkin
B.    Eleanor Roosevelt
C.    P Thornberry
D.    Jefferson
MCQ.9. Right to education is guaranteed under article …….
A.    14
B.    19
C.    21A
D.    21
MCQ.10. Fundamental duties are contained in……….
A.    Part IV article 51A
B.    Part IV article 51B
C.    Part III article 35
D.    Part III article 47


HR | MCQ QUIZ 1 | MCQ 11 To 15
MCQ.11. Who played on important role in international human rights law
A.    Economin Summit
B.    World war
C.    The United Nations
D.    None of the above
MCQ.12. Which one of the following categories of fundamental rights incorporates ‘Abolition of untouchability’
A.    Right to religion
B.    Right to equality
C.    Right to freedom
D.    Right against exploitation
MCQ.13. What are human rights
A.    Way in which other government can monitor people
B.    Concepts which parliament as pire to as they create laws
C.    Basic rights and freedoms accorded to all people
D.    Basic rights and freedoms accorded to all who live in state’s which have a signed up to the ECHR
MCQ.14. When did the human rights act 1998 come int force
A.    2nd October 2000
B.    1st January 1999
C.    15th December 1998
D.    28th October 1998
MCQ.15. Why is Human rights day celebrated on 10th December
A.    The day the ECHR was founded
B.    The day the UN adopted the universal declaration of Human rights
C.    No reason
D.    It commemorates the recognition of the convention against torture


HR | MCQ QUIZ 1 | MCQ 16 To 20
MCQ.16. How many articles in the protection of human rights act
A.    50
B.    40
C.    28
D.    31
MCQ.17. What is the retirement age of the chairman of NHRC
A.    55
B.    60
C.    70
D.    65
MCQ.18. Who appoint the chairman of the NHRC
A.    Prime minister
B.    Supreme court chief justice
C.    President of India
D.    None of these
MCQ.19. Where is he head quarters of UNICEF
A.    Paris
B.   New York
C.    Geneva
D.    Rome
MCQ.20. Where was the first conference on women held
A.    Nairobi
B.    Mexico city
C.    Copenhagen
D.    Beijing


HR | MCQ QUIZ 1 | MCQ 21 To 25
MCQ.21. When what’s the international year for human rights
A.    1988
B.    1968
C.    1962
D.    2008
MCQ.22. ………… needs to be applicable to all the human beings irrespective of caste, creed, nationalities, religion, etc for all times and regions.
A.    Rational
B.    Universal
C.    Leading to harmony
D.    Consciousness
MCQ.23. Where is the headquarter of the National Human rights
A.    Delhi
B.    Mumbai
C.    Ahmedabad
D.    Kolkata
MCQ.24. In which century Human rights become a central concern over the issue of slavery
A.    15th
B.    17th
C.    19th
D.    21st
MCQ.25. To fulfill human aspiration …………… are necessary
A.    Both values and skills
B.    Values
C.    Skills
D.    None of the above


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