MCQ QUIZ on COVID 19 is below πŸ‘‡


    This MCQ Quiz is based on Corona Virus. It consist 30 MCQs. This platform gives you a general knowledge regarding corona virus.
    This MCQ Quiz helps to you for preparing Competitive exams and G. K. Exams.

MCQ.1. Which of these should you avoid to help prevent yourself from getting infected with Covid-19?
A. Rubbing your eyes
B. Touching your nose
C. Touching your mouth
D. All of the above 

MCQ.2. What are methods to help prevent the spread of COVID-19
A. washing hands often
B. wearing a face mask
C. staying away from large gatherings
D. all of the above 

MCQ.3. How do you prevent Coronavirus?
A. Wear you face mask and wear gloves during this period
B. walk around without a face mask and inhale cough and sneeze
C. When you are in crowds segregate your self from the crowd
D. When you are in groups hug and stay so close to each other

MCQ.4. From where did Corona Virus get it’s name?
A. Due to their crown-like projection.
B. Due to their leaf-like projections.
C. Due to their surface structure of bricks.
D. None of the above

MCQ.5. Our immune system fights COVID-19.
A. yes
B. not

MCQ.6. In how many days will Corona Virus incubate in human body?
A. 1-7
B. 1-14
C. 1-21
D. 1-28

MCQ.7. Which one is typically smaller in size?
A. Virus
B. Bacteria

MCQ.8. People of all ages can be infected by the COVID-19 virus

MCQ.9. Tiny living creatures such as viruses or bacteria.
A. Germs
B. Doctors
C. Health
D. Vaccine

MCQ.10. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?
A. Common flu symptoms like coughing, runny nose, and fever which can develop into pneumonia.
B. A rash on your face, fever and trouble breathing.

MCQ.11. Everyone is thinking from where this disease has come from
A. America
B. India
C. Mexico
D. China

MCQ.12. He was happy to learn that his mother tested for this coronavirus.
A. negative
B. positive
C. successfully

MCQ.13. Not everyone who has covid19 shows symptoms?
A. True
B. False

MCQ.14. Covid 19 is caused by

MCQ.15. How does a virus spread?
A. invades an organism and turns cells into toys factories
B. invades an organism and turns cells into food factories
C. invades an organism and turns cells into virus factories

MCQ.16. What are the major symptoms of corona virus?
A. Fever
B. Cough
C. Shortness of breath
D. All the above

MCQ.17. Children are less likely to contract the virus and suffer milder symptoms when they do
A. For
B. Against

MCQ.18. How has the Corona virus affected the price of meat?
A. increased
B. decreased
C. no change

MCQ.19. Which of the following Universities of India have developed an intelligent device that if a coughing person is a Covid -19 Carrier?
A. Jawarharlal Nehru University
B. Jadaupur University
C. University of Delhi

MCQ.20. In the Video "What is Coronavirus", this virus is compared with----
A. A Tiger
B. A Shark
C. A Bacteria
D. An Alien

MCQ.21.Most people with Coronavirus
A. get sick.
B. die.
C. get better soon.
D. feel strong and healthy.

MCQ.22. Which of the following is NOT a common symptom of the coronavirus?
A. dry cough
B. fever
C. rash
D. shortness of breath

MCQ.23. Select the sentence from the article that BEST explains why collecting cells is important to medicine.
A. Cells are the building blocks of life.
B. We are all made up of cells.
C. Scientists study them to learn more about diseases.
D. Those cells were named HeLacells.

MCQ.24. Coronaviruses are named for the spikes that protrude from their surfaces, resembling . They can infect both animals and people, and can cause illnesses of the respiratory tract.
A. a shark’s teeth
B. barbed wire
C. football cleats
D. the sun’s corona

MCQ.25. What types of diseases does COVID-19 cause
A. Sars
B. Mars
C. Mers
D. Tars

MCQ.26. Where did the coronavirus start?
A. Thailand
B. India
D. China

MCQ.27. what are the safety rules for corona virus
A. do not wear mask
B. go out everyday
C. wash your hands & Wear mask
D. No of the above

MCQ.28.What are some similarities between the Spanish influenza and the current Coronavirus?
A. People were told to social distance, wear masks, and schools, businesses, public places were closed
B. Healthcare systems and hospitals  in many places were overwhelmed with the amount of patients
C. There is not a vaccine or cure or either (yet)
D. all of the above

MCQ.29. Where the coronavirus has spread?
A. Spain
B. China
C. England
D. Germany
E. Italy

MCQ.30. What can we do to protect ourselves from the Corona virus?
A. gathering
B. Spacing
C. Sneeze on people
D. Strengthening immunity in the body

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