-> Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3

Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3

Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3

Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3
Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3 is beneath 👇

The Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3depends on different MCQ on General Knowledge in different language with decipher button. 

This test comprise 65 MCQ

I trust, General Knowledge (G.K.) MCQ stage gives to you an information in regards to General Knowledge and their some significant terms with the aides following mcq

It likewise serves to planning on web-based MCQ based test like serious tests and others college or school tests, NET test , SET test and other placement tests. 

We are distributing a General Knowledge Quiz series / G.K. quiz / mcq set series for rehearsing your review. 

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This Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3 is below:-
Q. 1. Which association region of India is with the end goal that it has four locale, however none of its regions is lined by some other area? 
Answer:- Puducherry
Q. 2. What is the investigation of lakes called? 
Answer:- Limnology 
Q.3. Kullu valley is arranged between? 
Answer:- Dhauladhar and Pir Panjali 
Q.4. In which sloping piece of the Pipli Ghat pass is it found? 
Answer:- Aravali 
Q.5. Which Himalayan pinnacle is otherwise called Sagarmatha? 
Answer:-Mount Everest
Q.6. What is Gadwin Austin? 
Answer:-A pinnacle
Q.7. What is one more name for the Greater Himalayas? 
Answer:- Himadri 
Q.8. Which is remembered for the Naga Tiba and Mahabharata mountain ranges? 
Answer:- Lower Himalayas
Q.9. What is the other name of Sahyadri mountain range? 
Answer:- North Western Ghats
Q.10. Which is the most noteworthy level of India? 
Answer:- Ladakh Plateau 
Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3
Q.11. Who produces ranch farming? 
Answer:- Non-Food Crops 
Q.12. What is the space of ​​crops in India? 
Answer:- 60 to 70 percent of the space of ​​food grains
Q.13. Which is the most plentiful region in jute creation? 
Answer:- West Bengal
Q.14. Where is the biggest space of ​​jute in India? 
Answer:- West Bengal 
Q.15. The term Green Revolution has been utilized to mean which high creation? 
Answer:- By expanding rural usefulness per hectare.
Q.16. In which states was the Green Revolution best? 
Answer:- In Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
Q.17. With which harvest is the Green Revolution related? 
Answer:- Wheat 
Q18. What is the HYV program brought in India? 
Answer:-  New Agricultural Policy 
Q.19. Which territory of India is known as rice bowl? 
Answer:-  Andhra Pradesh 
Q.20. Activity Flood is identified with? 
Answer:- Milk creation 
Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3
Q. 21. Which bank has been made an out of the Promoter Corrective Move Framework by RBI in the wake of further developing its monetary and credit profile? 
Answer:-  Indian Overseas Bank 
Q. 22. AU Small Finance Bank has restricted with NABARD to support the continuous provincial improvement projects in which state? 
Answer:-  Rajasthan 
Q. 23. In which state NABARD has supported a credit conspire for yak raising? 
Answer:-  Arunachal Pradesh 
Q.24. What number of researchers have been declared to be regarded with Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize 2021? 
Answer:-  11 researchers 
Q. 25. India-based Dr. Rukmini Banerjee and which country-based teacher Eric Hanushek have been regarded with the 2021 Yidan Award? 
Answer:-  America 
Q. 26. Association Labor and Employment Minister Bhupendra Yadav has dispatched “Digi Saksham” as a team with which organization? 
Answer:-  Microsoft 
Q. 27. US Space NASA is set to dispatch Lucy, the main space apparatus to concentrate on Trojan space rocks from which planet? 
Answer:-  Jupiter 
Q. 28. As per Hurun India, who has been positioned first in the rundown of the country’s rich for the 10th successive year? 
Answer:- Mukesh Ambani 
Q.29. Which day is commended all throughout the planet on second October? 
Answer:-  global peacefulness day 
Q.30. Which web-based media organization has dispatched “Maker Education Program” in India? 
Answer:-  Facebook 
Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3
Q.31. Who fabricated the Peacock Throne? 
Answer:- Shahjahan 
Q.32 What was the name of the craftsman who made the Peacock Throne? 
Answer:- Badal Khan 
Q.33 What was the youth name of Shah Jahan? 
Answer:- khurram 
Q.34 What was the name of the Begum of Shah Jahan? 
Answer:- Mumtaz 
Q.35 What was the name of Shah Jahan’s mom? 
Answer:- Taj Bibi Beelkis Makani  
Q.36. By what name was the Begum of Shah Jahan called before she became popular as Mumtaz Mahal? 
Answer:- Arjumandbano 
Q.37❩ With whom was Jahangir’s most youthful child Shahryar wedded? 
Answer:- From the little girl brought into the world to Nur Jahan’s first spouse 
Q.38 With whose help did Shah Jahan get the high position? 
Answer:- Asaf Khan 
Q.39❩ Which spot escaped the hands of Mughal during the hour of Shah Jahan? 
Answer:- Kandahar 
Q.40❩ Where did Shah Jahan change his capital from Agra? 
Answer:- Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi) 
Perfect General Knowledge GK MCQ SET 3
Q.41 Who assembled the Red Fort and Qila-e-Mubarak? 
Answer:- Shahjahan 
Q.42❩ Where did Shah Jahan assemble the burial place of his significant other Mumtaz Mahal? 
Answer:- Agra 
Q.43❩ By what name is the burial chamber of Mumtaz Mahal known? 
Answer:- Taj Mahal 
Q.44❩ How since quite a while ago did it take to construct the Taj Mahal? 
Answer:- twenty years 
Q.45❩ When was the development work of Taj Mahal began? 
Answer:- In 1632 AD. 
Q.46❩ Who was the planner of Taj Mahal? 
Answer:- Ustad Isha Khan and Ustad Ahmed Lahori. 
Q.47❩ From where was the marble used to construct the Taj Mahal brought? 
Answer:- Makrana (Rajasthan) 
Q.48❩ Who constructed the Moti Masjid of Agra? 
Answer:- Shahjahan 
Q.49❩ What was the name of the French who came during the hour of Shah Jahan? 
Answer:- Francis Bernier and Tavernier 
Q. 50❩ Which Sanskrit savants were available in the court of Shah Jahan? 
Answer:- Kabindra Acharya Saraswati and Jagannath Pandit 
Q. 51.Name of “Boss Justice of India” in first November 2020? 
Answer:- Sharad Arvind Bobde 
Q. 52 Indian Science Day is praised each year on – 
Answer:-  28 February 
Q. 53 The main Indian banner was lifted – 
Answer:- Parsi Bagan Square in North Kolkata 
Q. 54 “Tamasha” is the society dance of which state? 
Answer:-  Maharashtra 
Q. 55 “Right to value in open business” is given in which article? 
Answer:-  Article 16, 
Q. 56 Who is the creator of “Natya Shastra”? 
Answer:-  Bharat Muni 
Q. 57 Which is the biggest new water lake on the planet? 
Answer:-  Lake Superior 
Q. 58 Which state is the biggest maker of nuclear power in India? 
Answer:-  Maharashtra 
Q. 59 What is the full type of “Fortran”? 
Answer:-  Formula interpretation 
Q. 60 Anshula Kantha, who is the current MD of “World Bank”, has been the MD of which bank? 
Answer:- State Bank of India 
Q. 61 Which of the accompanying structure was worked by FW Stevens? 
Answer:-  Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus 
Q. 62. Which nation won the T-20 World Cup 2007? 
Answer:- India 
Q. 63. Who is the organizer of the World Wide Web? 
Answer:-  Tim Berners-Lee 
Q. 64. What is the capital of Australia? 
Answer:- Canberra
Q. 65. Where was the INC meeting held in 1907? 
Answer:-  Surat 
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