-> Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1

Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1

Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1

Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1

   Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1 is below 👇

    The  Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1 is based on various MCQ on  Higher Education in various language with translate button. 

    This quiz consist 30 MCQ. 

    I hope, MCQ Quiz platform provides to you a knowledge regarding  Higher Education and their some important terms with the helps following quiz.  

   It also helps to preparation on online MCQ based exam like competitive exams and others university or college exams, NET exam , SLET exam and other entrance exams. 

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Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1 is based on following questions.

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    “To know the answers to the below questions, you need to solve the following quiz. It has the answers to all the questions”

1. The main governing body at the tertiary level of education in India is

(a) NCERT 

(b) CBSE

(c) AICTE 

(d) UGC


2. The Government established the University Grants Commission by an act of Parliament in the year [June 2007]

(a) 1980 

(b) 1948

(c) 1950 

(d) 1956


3. The tertiary education includes

(a) Primary and secondary education

(b) Higher education

(c) Vocational education and training

(d) Both (b) and (c)


4. Which of the following is the regulator of higher education?

(a) NCERT 


(c) UGC 

(d) MHRD


5. The idea of Four Pillars of Education was suggested by


(b) UGC

(c) NCTE 


Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1 is below 👇

6. The name of the plan to increase enrolment in the higher education institutions is

(a) Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)

(b) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of the above


7. Which of the following agency put forward the concept of proactive university?

(a) UNDP 


(c) AICTE 

(d) UGC


8. ‘Destiny of India is being shaped in her classroom’. This is stated in

(a) National Policy on Education (1986)

(b) National Knowledge Commission (2005)

(c) Education Commission (1964–66)

(d) University Education Commission (1948–49)


9. CHEER stands for

(a) Children Enrichment Education through Radio

(b) Child health education electronic recor ding

(c) Children for Engineers and Energy Requirement

(d) None of the above


10. Educational TV was first introduced in India in the year

(a) 1961 

(b) 1959

(c) 1968 

(d) 1965

Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1 is below 👇

11. Which of the following agencies or organizations was constitutionally assigned the task of coordination and determination of standards of institutions in higher education?

(a) UGC

(b) Concerned state governments

(c) Union government

(d) None of the above


12. Which of the following documents is termed as the Magna Carta of English education in India?

(a) Charles Wood’s dispatch

(b) Macaulay minutes

(c) Mountstuart Elphinstone’s minutes

(d) Wardha system


13. In which of the following years, Presidency Universities of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras were set up following the recommendations of Woods’ dispatch?

(a) 1854 

(b) 1857

(c) 1858 

(d) 1861


14. The University of Allahabad was founded in the year

(a) 1887 

(b) 1901

(c) 1905 

(d) 1911


15. Which of the following institution was set up in 1945 to look after the functioning of three Central Universities of Aligarh, Banaras and Delhi?

(a) University Grants Commission

(b) University Grants Committee

(c) Inter University Board

(d) Association of Indian Universities

Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1 is below 👇

16. The report of central advisory board of education on post war educational development in India is also termed as

(a) Sargent report 

(b) Nehru report

(c) Wardha report 

(d) None of the above


17. Which section of the UGC Act provides for the promotion and coordination of university education and for the maintenance of standards of teaching, examination, and research?

(a) Section 12 

(b) Section 15

(c) Section 25 

(d) Section 28


18. It is said that the present higher education system has its origin in Mountstuart Elphinstone’s minutes, which stressed upon the need for establishing schools for teaching English and European sciences. This reported was presented in the year

(a) 1823 

(b) 1835

(c) 1858 

(d) 1861


19. Inter University Board was set up in 1925 to promote university activities, by sharing information and cooperation in the field of education, culture, sports and allied areas. Now, it is known as

(a) Association of Indian Universities

(b) Central Advisory Board of Education

(c) Central Board of Secondary Education

(d) None of the above


20. Which of the following is known as Calcutta University Commission?

(a) Saddler Commission

(b) Kothari Commission

(c) Hunter Commission

(d) Wood Dispatch

Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1 is below 👇

21. Which of the following is regarded as the first policy measure regarding higher education in India?

(a) Wood’s dispatch

(b) Macaulay’s minutes

(c) Elphinstone report

(d) None of the above


22. Which of the following is a precursor to 10 + 2 + 3?

(a) Saddler commission

(b) Wood dispatch

(c) Kothari commission

(d) None of the above


23. Which of the following commissions recommended setting up UGC and is also known as the University Education Commission?

(a) Radhakrishnan commission

(b) Mudaliar commission

(c) Wardha commission

(d) Kothari commission


24. Which of the following commission’s report is titled as education and national development report?

(a) Radhakrishnan commission

(b) Kothari commission

(c) Mudaliar commission report

(d) None of the above


25. National committee on 10 + 2 + 3 education structure set up in 1972 was headed by

(a) Dr P. D. Shukla

(b) Dr D. S. Kothari

(c) Dr Radhakrishnan

(d) None of the above

Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1 is below 👇

26. The following commissions were set up by the government or its agencies after independence. Arrange the following in a chronological order (in terms of their occurrence).

I University Education Commission

II Secondary Education Commission

III Education Commission


(a) III, II and I 

(b) II, I and III

(c) I, II and III 

(d) I, III and II


27. Which of the following committees recommended the spending of `500 crores to be spent on research in basic sciences every year by UGC every year?

(a) M. M. Sharma committee

(b) Kakodkar committee

(c) Prof. Yashpal committee

(d) None of the above


28. The committee set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development which recommended autonomy of IITs was headed by

(a) Prof. Anil Kakodkar 

(b) Prof. Yashpal

(c) Sam Pitroda 

(d) None of the above


29. National knowledge commission (NKC) was headed by

(a) Prof. Anil Kakodkar 

(b) Prof. Yashpal

(c) Sam Pitroda 

(d) None of the above


30. A committee was set up in 1990 to review NPE (1986). Its report titled as ‘Towards an Enlightened and Humane Society’ stated that system of higher education encourages memorization of facts and regurgitation rather than creativity. The head of the committee was

(a) Acharya Ramamurti 

(b) Prof. Yashpal

(c) Prof. M. M. Joshi 

(d) None of the above

Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1

Answerkey of Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1 is below 👇

Question IdAnswerQuestion IdAnswerQuestion IdAnswer
Answerkey of Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1

Free Higher Education System MCQ Quiz 1

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