-> Research Aptitude Quiz 1 Easy MCQ

Research Aptitude Quiz 1 Easy MCQ

 Research Aptitude Quiz 1

Research Aptitude Quiz 1

Research Aptitude Quiz 1 is below . The Research Aptitude Quiz 1 is based on various MCQ on Research Aptitude in various language with translate button.  Research Aptitude Quiz 1 consist 20 MCQ. 

    We know that researchers requires a research skill for performing their functions. I hope, MCQ Quiz platform provides to you a knowledge regarding Research Aptitude and their some important terms with the helps following quiz.  

    It also helps to preparation on online MCQ based exam like competitive exams and others university or college exams, NET exam , SLET exam and other entrance exams. 

    We will published a Research Aptitude Quiz series for practicing your study.You can translate a quiz into your understandable language with the help of Translate button which shown at the right side of post.

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1. Research is
(a) A purposeful, systematic activity.
(b) Conducted for purely academic purposes.
(c) Conducted to answer questions about practical issues.
(d) A random, unplanned process of discovery.

2. All good research aims at
(a) Betterment of the society.
(b) Developing generalizations, theories and principles.
(c) Solving routine problems.
(d) None of the above

3. A grand theory
(a) Explains interrelationships among concepts.
(b) Is highly abstract.
(c) Broad explanation of phenomenon in a discipline.
(d) All the above

4. The idea that knowledge comes from experience is
(a) Rationalism
(b) Deductive reasoning
(c) Logic
(d) Empiricism

5. A theory is defined as
(a) Set of systematically related statements
(b) Law like generalizations
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above

Research Aptitude Quiz 1 Easy MCQ

6. Epistemology refers to
(a) A term specifically used in the social sciences.
(b) A term used to study the types of diseases.
(c) Acceptable level of knowledge in a field of study.
(d) A type of interviewing technique.

7. Which of the following is a function of theory?
(a) Integrating and summarizing current knowledge
(b) Making predictions
(c) Explaining phenomena
(d) All of the above

8. Which of the following term explains the idea that
knowledge comes from experience?
(a) Rationalism
(b) Empiricism
(c) Logic
(d) Deduction

9. In every field, research pursuits promote systematic and gradual advancement of knowledge but discoveries are rare because [December 1997]
(a) Result is a continuous critical investigation.
(b) It is not common to be able to think beyond a grooved channel.
(c) Sustained experimental work needed for discovery is not easily forthcoming.
(d) Most people lack the depth of knowledge needed for it.

10. ‘Metaphysics’ means
(a) A branch of Physics
(b) Exploring the nature of ultimate reality
(c) Physics of metals
(d) Physics of weather

Research Aptitude Quiz 1 Easy MCQ

11. Which of the following statements is not correct? [June 1997]
(a) A researcher is expected to be a well-read person.
(b) One research gives birth to another research.
(c) All researchers contribute to existing knowledge.
(d) A good researcher is a nice person.

12. Which of the following is defined as a systematic method of evaluating statistical data based on the results of several independent studies of the same problem?
(a) Factor analysis
(b) Meta-analysis
(c) Systematic analysis
(d) None of the above

13. The quality of a research study is mainly evaluated on the basis of
(a) The place of publication.
(b) The manner in which the recommendations are implemented.
(c) The rigour with which it was conducted.
(d) None of the above

14. The quality of research is judged by the [December 1998]
(a) Relevance of research
(b) Methodology adopted in conducting the research
(c) Depth of research
(d) Experience of researcher

15. One of the following is not a quality of a researcher? [December 2005]
(a) Unison with that of which he is in search.
(b) He must be of alert mind.
(c) Keenness in enquiry.
(d) His assertion to outstrip the evidence.

Research Aptitude Quiz 1 Easy MCQ

16. Which of the following periodical is specifically meant for publishing research work?
(a) Magazine
(b) Monographs
(c) Journals
(d) Books

17. Which of the following options are the main tasks of research in modern society? [June 2006]
(I) To keep pace with the advancement in the knowledge.
(II) To discover new things.
(III) To write a critique on the earlier writings.
(IV) To systematically examine and critically analyse the investigations or sources with objectivity.
(a) IV, II, and I
(b) I, II, and III
(c) I and III
(d) II, III, and IV

18. Which of following description is true in context of defining ‘theory’?
(a) An organized body of concepts and principles intended to explain a particular phenomenon.
(b) Tentative explanations that new data either support or do not support.
(c) Apt to drive further research.
(d) None of the above

19. Research can be conducted by a person who [December 2006]
(a) Has studied research methodology.
(b) Holds a postgraduate degree.
(c) Possesses thinking and reasoning ability.
(d) Is a hard worker.

20. The best quality of a researcher is
(a) Curiosity
(b) Active imagination
(c) Ability
(d) All the above

Research Aptitude Quiz 1 Easy MCQ

21. The result of building up information from pieces of information is known as
(a) An analysis
(b) A synthesis
(c) A synopsis
(d) None of the above

22. The result of setting out a reasoned argument in steps is known as
(a) A comparison
(b) A debate
(c) An evaluation
(d) An analysis

23. A researcher is generally expected to
(a) Study the existing literature in a field.
(b) Generate new principles and theories.
(c) Synthezise different ideas
(d) None of the above

24. What do you consider as the main aim of interdisciplinary research? [June 2006]
(a) To bring out holistic approach to research.
(b) To reduce the emphasis of single subject in research domain.
(c) To oversimplify the problem of research.
(d) To create a new trend in research methodology.

25. One of the essential characteristics of research is
(a) Replicability
(b) Generalizability
(c) Usability
(d) None of the above

Research Aptitude Quiz 1 Easy MCQ

26. The depth of any research can be judged by [June 2006]
(a) Title of the research.
(b) Objectives of the research.
(c) Total expenditure on the research.
(d) Duration of the research.

27. Which of the following statements is true about the theory?
(a) It explains phenomenon in simple manner.
(b) It explains the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions.
(c) It can be a well-developed explanatory system.
(d) All the above

28. The research is always [December 2008]
(a) Verifying the old knowledge.
(b) Exploring new knowledge.
(c) Filling the gaps between the knowledge.
(d) All the above

29. Which of the following is a function of theory?
(a) Summarizing the current knowledge
(b) Making predictions
(c) Explaining phenomena
(d) All the above

30. The feasibility of a research study generally depends upon
(a) Cost factor
(b) Time required to conduct research
(c) Skills set of the researcher
(d) All the above

Research Aptitude Quiz 1 Easy MCQ

Answer Key is below

Research Aptitude Quiz 1 Easy MCQ

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